Digital Learning


The nature of learning has changed significantly in the last few years. IASMS endeavours to use technology to improve learning, both in terms of student engagement and with respect to the effectiveness of teaching. Educational videos are an important part of teaching methodology providing an important content-delivery tool especially during flipped and blended classes.

Parle-G Case Study Video by
Dr. Reena Shyam

Topic: Understanding the
Retail Landscape

Brand Mascot by
Dr.Reena Shyam, IASMS

Digital Marketing How Search Engine Works By
Prof Afzal Basha

Marketing lessons from the Streets of India by
Dr. Reena Shyam

Tips for Your Body Language in a Job Interview by Prof Afzal Basha

Greeting across Cultures - Dr Dhanya JS from IASMS

Decision Making for Managers by
Prof. Brinda. M

IKEA Bengaluru: Experience Retail Management by IASMS

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