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Alumni Association

Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to the institutional success. The IASMS – AA – Alumni association plays an active role in contributing to the development of their alma mater.

Alumni Association Registration

To strengthen the relationship between the Institute, the past students of this institution and the present batch of students undergoing education in this institute, the Alumni Association has been registered with Cooperative Societies of Registration, Karnataka on 1st July 2021.The AGM of the alumni association is a platform for the members to voice the progressive initiatives channelized by the alumni in contributing to the enrichment and growth of the institution.
The main objective of the alumni association is to establish a professional network between IASMS, its alumni and the industry and assist the faculty and students of the MBA college in academic and co-curricular activities.

Managing Committee of the Alumni Association

Sl NoNameDesignation
1Dr.Srinidhi K ParthasarathiPresident
2Ms.Sushma SVice President
3Mr.Karthik DGeneral secretary
4Ms.FarihaTabassum FAssociate Secretary
5Mr.Md Khizar VFTreasurer
6Ms.Swati ShuklaMember
7Prof.Afzal BashaMember
8Mr.Basil BabyMember
9Mr.Shantha Kumar K.M Member
10Mr.S Paul ChembianMember
11Mr.Naresh TMember
12Mr.Akhilesh AHMember

Alumni Activities and Contributions

Alumni association meetings take place yearly and future plans are discussed in the meetings. Alumni contribution happens in various forms such as alumni interaction week, alumni challenge competition. Few are:

Event Judges

The alumni are regularly invited to judge various inter class competitions and management fest hosted by the institute. This is an enriching experience as they rejuvenate memories of the time spent at IASMS at the same time offer valuable lessons to the upcoming batch of students.


One day workshops with alumni as resource persons are organizes for skill development and sensitizing the current student batch to market and industry demands.

Entrepernerur Talk

Alumni entrepreneurs are invited to share their experiences and entrepreneurial journey to motivate the present batch of students to experiment with option of becoming future entrepreneurs.

Mock interviews

Conducting mock interviews to prepare the students and help them gain confidence while attending future interviews is the purpose of engaging alumni with mock interview sessions.

Placement referrals

The alumni have been a great source of sharing information about vacancies in their respective organizations and providing references to the existing batch of students. Since corporates prefer and encourage referral hiring this could be fruitful channel for placements.

Guest Lectures

Many of our alumni are placed in various functional areas such as HR, marketing, retailing etc. Their expertise in various streams and knowledge is shared through the guest lecture series.

Representation on the Governing Council

Alumni representation on the Governing council of the MBA college is a platform for them to share job market expectations and provide valuable inputs to enhance placement initiatives.

Contribuitons to IASMS newsletter and college website

Alumni contribute to Imprints the IASMS newsletter and reviews for Our MBA college website on their positive learning and experiences at IASMS campus.

International Alumni Talk Series -2020

Our international alumni hailing from Nairobi,Kenya have been enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge and industry learning delivered through virtual talks on topics like “On and Off the Job – Lessons that fine tune your Career” and Cultural Adaptability for Successful Careers.

Testimonials and inputs on social media pages of IASMS

As brand ambassadors’ students have shared several valuable inputs on their experience during their journey with IASMS.

Alumni Meet: May 21st 2022

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