About the IASMS Library

IASMS Library has a reputation for higher academic standards. IA School of Management Studies – Library and Information Centre serves as a nerve centre for the academic and research needs of students, researchers, and faculty members at the school. Library with two floors, each covering an area of 450.00 sq meters. The library carpet area is 2,352 sq ft., with adequate reading space for 175 students at a time and 42 computers to access digital library resources. To enrich its collection IASMS library has a rich collection of Textbooks & Reference books, besides rare palm leaves manuscripts, rare books, reports, theses and dissertations. By upgrading to Easylib 6.4a Cloud Version – Library automation software, the library provides easy browsing, reservations, and borrowing of books. The library has e-resources like DELNET, N-List, NDL, e-PG Pathshala, J-Gate Database and DrillBit Anti-Plagiarism check software. The library and Information Centre are monitored with seven high-resolution cameras.

Library Aims and Objectives

This Library and Information Centre functions as an integral part of the IASMS. The objectives of the IASMS Library are.


The library provides access to information and expert support for the students, faculty and staff of IA School of Management Studies as well as the community at large in a diverse and inclusive environment where users come to study, share ideas, and learn.


We strive to provide and support…

  • Quality instruction in the research process
  • A collection of library materials in varied formats
  • Facilities and equipment maintained for effective academic use
  • Diverse and multicultural interests
  • Sensitive to need, responsive to demand
  • Expert in organization and utilization of learning resources

Quality Policy

We are committed to Provide Quality Services Enhancing the Library and learning Experience of our MBA Course students, faculty and Staff.

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