Counselling Centre

IASMS emphasizes and understands the need to focus on its students’ mental well-being to cope with various challenges personally and professionally.

Students’ journey through life is often riddled with questions. Questions about where to get the best MBA programs, relationships, work-life balance, and even ourselves. In these challenging times, and with so many unsettling questions in mind, one would say that he/she would need a friend who could give anonymous, unbiased, round-the-clock help.

YourDOST, would like to be that friend and extend our support to you.

YourDOST, one of India’s leading online and emotional wellness platforms, has joined hands with Indian Academy Group of Institutions to ensure that you’re at your happiest and brightest self all the time!

So how can you use YourDOST’s services for free as a student of Indian Academy Group of Institutions

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