Placement Cell Initiatives

Placement Initiatives

Students Profiling and Skill Set Mapping

Student profiling is usually conducted at the beginning of the final year. Candidates who register for placements will have to fill out the Student Need Analysis Form (SNAF) and a one-to-one discussion will be scheduled in the second half of the 3rd semester. This helps us understand and analyse his / her needs. Each student will have an opportunity to express the areas of interest in which he or she would like to pursue a career.

Pre-placement Training

To help students become industry-ready, pre-placement training programs are organised by IACSPS between the 3rd and 4th semesters. Some of the training sessions are Resume Writing, View About Interview, Key to a Successful Interview, Communication Skills, Body Language etc.

Quality Circle Placement (QCP)

QCP is a student body responsible for coordinating and streamlining all placement-related activities guided by the Placement Head. It is a team of highly dedicated and proactive students working in synergy to attract the most suitable profiles from the most renowned organizations. Students will be given tasks regularly and trained on performing them effectively.

The main objective of QCP is to “Continuous Learn and Improve” and ensure all final-year students registering for placements should get the desired job.

The key operating spheres of Quality Circle Placement include organizing corporate interactions and workshops. It also develops the student brochure, student skillset mapping, organizes placement-related events and gives students an insight into industrial trends through conclaves and seminars. The QCP team is pivotal in developing and sustaining a mutually beneficial relationship with corporate houses. Some of the activities organised by the Placement Committee are QCP Review Meetings, Peer Learning, and Mentoring Sessions.


Internships are a crucial and integral part of one of our best MBA Programs. Students intern with their chosen organization for 3 to 5 months after their first year. The purpose is to help students find internships and at the same time, assist recruiters find students to intern with their firms. In addition, it gives students the opportunity to apply management concepts learned during the first year t a live project. This will enable them to better understand and analyse real-world business problems. The internship programme also helps students gain first-hand experience in a particular industry by providing them with ample opportunities to innovate and challenge ideas and techniques imbibed in the first year. The internship also gives students a flavour of the industry they work in. This helps them make decisions about their long-term career paths, while simultaneously providing firms with a chance to evaluate candidates in a more relaxed environment and find the right fit for their firms.

Selection is typically based on personal interviews. The intern works under the counsel of a company executive (company project guide) who supervises and evaluates the student’s performance during his/her internship and sends feedback on it to the institute. The intern needs to submit a copy of the company project guide feedback and the project report to the institute.

Deferred Placement Policy

This policy allows students to forego the opportunity of sitting for placements at the time of their graduation. Instead, they can attend placements 6 months later, with a junior batch. The policy helps the institute to promote their students to pursue entrepreneurial ventures by giving them a safety net in case things don’t work out with their start-up.

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