Research is a central part of the academic mission of an institution offering management education as it shapes the thinking of management students as well as faculty by advancing the body of knowledge conveyed in the classroom.

Research activities generate updated knowledge and skills, as well as update existing ones. The Research Committee of IASMS aims at encouraging and facilitating research and development activities among our MBA students and faculty, including those seeking MBA admission in 2023. Besides research, the committee is also instrumental in creating awareness and stimulating participation in various seminars, workshops and conferences hosted by management institutes. This is at the state, national and international levels. Invited talks and interactions with academicians and industry experts are organised to develop research interest among students and teachers. The college has ample resources to cultivate research interest, especially through its fully automated library that provides access to rich learning and reference resources. This includes research journals, e-journals and project reports on research work undertaken by previous students.

The Research Committee has been instrumental in reaching out to the academic community in management through the college journal publication. The IASMS Journal of Business Spectrum is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal from the IA School of Management Studies with an ISSN: 0974 – 8016.
The research committee at IASMS is set up with the following vision and mission.


IASMS will be a centre of excellence in research and scholarly work by providing strategic leadership and comprehensive support to faculty, graduate students, and the external community.


This would be fulfilled by enhancing the institution’s research profile. The committee constantly endeavours to encourage, enable and promote the research environment in the college through its various programs, workshops and seminars for faculty members and students.

Some of the specific aims include:

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