Research at IASMS Policy

Scope/ Applicability of the Policy

This document on IA School of Management Studies Research Policy Guidelines will be applicable to all IASMS faculty and MBA students involved in any form of research activity.

Policy Statement

IASMS aims to contribute to our country’s knowledge base through education, research and innovation. This is so that India becomes a global knowledge superpower. To attain this goal, it is absolutely important to pursue cutting-edge basic, targeted, and applied research in all domains/ faculties of studies in a transparent, responsible and ethical manner for the advancement of knowledge and development of novel processes, technologies and products. It is equally important to ensure that the products and outcomes of such research are appropriately disseminated to reach the widest possible audience. This is true both on the national and global levels. This policy provides guidelines for research at all levels and is applicable to IASMS faculties and all our MBA college students. The workload of Faculty members is being designed to contribute to three major dimensions; Teaching; Research/Consultancy and Institutional service. Each faculty is required to contribute to Research as a mandatory requirement and it is linked to their annual performance appraisal. The detailed policy guidelines have been documented by the Research Committee and approved by the Chairman, of the Indian Academy Group of Institutions. The UGC approval of 2f to IASMS will be leveraged to facilitate and optimize the research output.

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